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While lots of people are out shopping the Friday morning after Thanksgiving day we are busy assisting too many individuals with clogged up drains and toilets.

It is generally garbage disposals that most people have the hardest time with throughout the holiday period with all the additional cooking that gets done so the disposal works extra hard. Things to be cautious of NOT putting down the disposal are turkey bones, chicken skin, potato peels, celery (anything stringy) and fruit. Also, make sure you have the water running before turning the disposal on, and then begin grinding things up.

One of the biggest thing to watch out for that is easy to do because it is a liquid, is putting cooking oil and grease down the sink drain. It might be a liquid when it goes down, but in a cold drain line (assuming you might be having cold weather currently) it can easily construct up and obstruct the sink drain. Sort of like it does in our arteries, not to put a bad taste in your mouth thinking of all the remarkable food you will be making this holiday … maybe we need to write a short article about healthy holiday foods next!

Also, if you are having visitors in, make certain to keep a trashcan in plain sight in the washroom NEXT to the toilet. It will assist with any undesirable things being flushed … ideally … at least with grownups.

If you appear to have any slow-moving drains now, give us a call to clean them out good prior to guests arriving and cooking your feast. We would have more time to come before Thanksgiving than after, but you are welcome to save some turkey and stuffing for us for Black Friday.

Here is an infographic Hot Water Heater Medic has put together to help with what to be thinking about:

Black Friday Plumbing Repair

Hot Water Heater Medic shared an infographic about what to be mindful of with home plumbing this Thanksgiving season.

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